Security for WordPress with BruteProtect

Lately the WordPress platform have some serious problems with security. From Malware Infections to Denial-Of-Service vulnerabilities.
The company that is behind the WordPress, Automattic open source development company, acquire for security vendor BruteProtect for an undisclosed sum…The result of the acquisition is that the BruteProtect plugin offer’s the service to all WordPress users at no cost.

The admins or developers or the persons that have the responsibility to monitor the WordPress sites that they have, they can install the plugin to every WordPress installation that they have and from the BruteProtect site, “BruteProtect lets you manage all of your sites from one easy-to-use dashboard”.


As we can see in the shot, we have several information in our dashboard,

  • How many sites we have with BruteProtect plugin installed and protected.
  • How many attacks blocked.
  • Up-time & Down-time
  • Updates for WordPress Core installation, Plugins and Themes.

We can view sites results separately for each site, from BruteProtect’s dashboard. Also we cal login to every site that we have installed the plugin and from WordPress dashboard can view the BruteProtect’ results.

Another important information is that the BruteProtect plugin does not have any known conflicts with any other plugin or theme. But running another brute force protection plugin can limit the effectiveness of BruteProtect. As a result, we highly recommend disabling any other brute force protection to allow BruteProtect to be as effective as possible.
Read more regarding this issue on our blog.

For now the plugin is free and as the company says, “Everything that we currently offer will always be free to individuals and small businesses. We may, some day, ask for a (very small) fee from our highest-activity users. We offer additional premium services as part of My BruteProtect.”

You can check it and you draw your own conclusions…!!!!

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