Improve SEO with HTTPS and NGINX

As we reference in the previous post, “HTTPS as a ranking signal by Google“, https maters, for those interesting about SEO. Especially for those that use NGINX as web server.
Because SSL and TLS encryption can cause serious performance issue to our sites, NGINX provides solution for your web server or servers. In the official site of NGINX we can found the solutions.

The ways that NGINX can provide solutions are:

  • Session Cache – ssl_session_cache caches session parameters that create the SSL/TLS connection.
  • Session Tickets and ID’s – Session tickets store information about specific SSL/TLS sessions.
  • OCSP Stapling – Another way to improve HTTPS performance is with OCSP stapling, which decreases the time of the SSL/TLS handshake.
  • Cipher Suites – Specifying optimized Cipher Suites, the algorithms that encrypt the network communications, using the ssl_prefer_ciphers directive, has been said to increase performance.
  • SPDY is an experimental protocol that attempts to reduce latency and round-trip times.

Read more at NGINX official site.

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